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We are an ONLINE Tutoring provider for students of IB -DP students for IB Chemistry (HL, SL) ONLINE TUTORS, IB Maths (HL, SL, and Studies) ONLINE TUTORS, IB Physics ONLINE TUTORS, IB Economics ONLINE TUTORSIB Business and Management ONLINE TUTORSIB English ONLINE TUTORS, IB Biology ONLINE TUTORS, IB Spanish ONLINE TUTORS, IB ITGS ONLINE TUTORS, IB French ONLINE TUTORS, IB Computer Science ONLINE TUTORS.

Assign appropriate school assignment, worksheets and modules based assignments in an interactive, motivating, prompt manner Encouraging and motivate the students to raise their
doubts, and then support the scholars in clearing their doubts. Keeps a correct record of a students learning to progress, b exams; c) results d) making them assume and e offer regular feedback to the parents regarding the enhancements in their kid. Test out student with past year papers on regular basis to make them realize their weak and robust points, and provide them with requisite exam’s preparation. Work on the weak points of the students innovative methods of long lasting learning. Arrange the students for deep concept comprehension in creating their students believe that capability increases with responsibility and hard work and correct designing.
IB Online Tutors has been offering tailored tutoring. Solutions for all subjects like
Group 1: Language A, Group 2: Language Acquisition (B or ab initio SL), Group 3: Individuals and Societies, Group 4: Sciences, Group 5: Mathematics, Group 6: Arts & Electives.
We cater with all IB GROUP 1 to GROUP 6 subjects. IB NCR Academy has been helping out students in exam Preparations by providing.