IB Computer Science

The IB computer science tutors is a rigorous and practical problem-solving discipline. At IB Computer science online tutors we enforce students to thorough with computational thinking concepts. This will be supported by practical activities including computer programming.
Practical programming experience is an essential element of developing higher-level thinking and computational skills; this generally assessed as a part of the internal assessment. We provide student oriented study plan to explore and understand CS concepts better. IB Computer Science Tutor in Gurgaon, IB Computer Science in Delhi, IB Computer Science Home Tutor in Gurgaon. IB Computer science Internal Assessment is now providing students a whole new experience of developing a third-party IT solution and at academy we guide them to develop a real life IT-solution with live data and make them understand, the process of System Development Life Cycle. Most of our students are manage to get grade point 6 or 7 in computer Science IA. In-depth knowledge of available options (Databases, Modelling and Simulation, Web Science, Object Oriented Programming) is provided to achieve higher grades in paper-2. IB/IGCSE/MYP online tutors works intelligently with students to carryout meaningful and relevant information through correct research skills, which is a core requirement of case study paper-3. AS all computer science students will work with other students of group 4 project, different ideas are shared with them in order to work with other students in collaboration to satisfy the requirements of Group-4 Project. Students’ are provided subject resources compiled by trained and experienced faculties.